Erica Kriner is a triple-major at ASU, studying Geography, Sustainable Ecosystems, and Anthropology.

empathy. adventure. knowledge.

As a non-traditional and first-generation student at Arizona State University, it has been my top priority to seek out every opportunity I can find to maximize the value of my education. From studying human-wildlife conflict on the borders of Kruger National Park in South Africa to consulting with executives at Johnson & Johnson on sustainable packaging solutions in France, I have used my education as an excuse to travel the world, expand my horizons, and stay fervently outside of my comfort zone.

This experience has meant shifting my passions considerably. In South Africa, I learned the value of research. I have since directed my own research projects on the benefits and drawbacks of National Park systems on marginalized communities, and I’ve worked with exceptional faculty to use remote sensing and GIS technologies to measure biodiversity and habitat selection factors of endangered species such as the whooping crane. In France, I learned not to discount the private sector in achieving sustainability. I have since worked with GreenLight Solutions to implement sustainable solutions for businesses across the United States, such as creating surveys to encourage rideshare participation among employees for the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess hotel.

My goal now is to bring together all of the knowledge I’ve acquired to uplift and empower people who are otherwise overlooked in the conversations about sustainability. I want to shine a light on the voices of those displaced by climate disasters, create solutions that protect wildlife and humans in tandem, and ultimately to use my intersectional values as an asset to my research and career.

where i’ve been

Research Intern at ASU

  • Analyzed over 160,000 data points and provided techniques in data cleansing and visual representation.
  • Performed literature review on Grus americana species and summarized data to reach novel conclusions
  • Contributed to the ongoing effort to conserve endangered species through assessing factors of habitat selection and measuring biodiversity
  • Provided analysis and data interpretation using programs such as ArcGIS, QGIS, and Google Earth Engine

Sustainability Consultant at Johnson & Johnson

  • Researched and developed sustainable packaging designs using cutting edge biomimetic techniques and processes
  • Created prototypes and presented designs to a leadership team
  • Crafted a strategic marketing campaign to accompany the product release

Research Fellow at ASU

  • Designed and executed a research project focused on sustainable international development for national park systems
  • Completed a literature review on the benefits and drawbacks of national parks on marginalized communities
  • Recontextualized national parks as a form of technology which can be assessed using predetermined factors
  • Designed and presented a research poster of my conclusions using Adobe InDesign
  • Completed CITI Training course on ethical research with human subjects
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