Journal of a NASA Intern Part 1: Grief, Joy, and DEVELOP

Pictured: My grandfather in the top left and my grandmother beside him. It was precisely 2 years, 4 months, and 2 days ago that I lost one of the most important people in my life. I think most people talk about their grandfather that way, and I don’t purport to be a special case inContinue reading “Journal of a NASA Intern Part 1: Grief, Joy, and DEVELOP”

laughing at maps and other tales of a distressed undergrad researcher

It was about this time last week that I stared at a blank Word document, wanting to write more about my research experience but knowing that nothing I said would be genuine. Because honestly, I had hit a wall, and I had spent several days feeling anxious about the research itself and how little IContinue reading “laughing at maps and other tales of a distressed undergrad researcher”

into new worlds: research on whooping cranes begins

Yesterday I finally had the privilege of sitting down with my research supervisor and learning about the specifics of the work I would be doing. I will be working with data on the Wood Buffalo Cranes, whose population numbers 505. They migrate annually from their nesting grounds in Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada, toContinue reading “into new worlds: research on whooping cranes begins”

excerpt from Fear & Grieving in South Africa

“Okay everyone,” Dan walked into the lecture room carrying a green satchel. “There is a yearly tradition on this trip. When you enter Kruger, you need to have a totem bird. So we brought some guides for you.” He started pulling books out of a bag and setting them down on the table for us.Continue reading “excerpt from Fear & Grieving in South Africa”

writing the “perfect chapter”

Today, my editor told me that I wrote the “perfect chapter”. It was high praise from a woman I deeply respect and have relied on for the past several months as she has dealt with my sporadic writing progress. And when I say sporadic, I do mean that I’d go months without writing a singleContinue reading “writing the “perfect chapter””